Welcome to the Australian Paraplanning Community

This website is designed as a discussion area for financial services professionals.

We have all been in the position where a new legislation has been brought in or a new strategy has become viable but after hours of research, an answer that should be so simple still escapes us. Here is a place to ask the question of your peers and with any luck gain some direction without the unnecessary expense of your time.

The environment that we practice in is constantly changing and unfortunately in some ways becoming more difficult to meet all of the industry requirements, service your clients to the best of your ability and remain profitable.

By helping each other, one persons research can help many and if everyone helped from time to time, everyone will benefit.

This website is free to its users. However, what needs to be kept in mind is that due to the nature of the content, it is only suitable for and subsequently available to financial services professionals.

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Who should join?

The Australian Paraplanning Community isn’t only for Paraplanners.  With the way the Paraplanning role in the industry has changed over the last 5-10 years, it has become one of the key roles for strategy design and a technical knowledge base for businesses, rather than the old role which was almost purely support.  Subsequently Paraplanners were the first people that wanted to become involved and how we decided on the sites name. 

Really this community is for all Australian Financial Services professionals.

This could include:

                • Financial Planners
                • Paraplanners
                • Risk specialists
                • Accountants
                • SMSF Administrators
                • Systems Administrators

and many others.  We’d love to have you involved.

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