How do you participate in the Australian Paraplanning Community?


As long as you work in the financial services industry, all you have to do is click on the Forum tab and complete the registration form. From there, you can ask or answer questions or simply have a look around at the information available.

You will notice in the registration process that we ask a few questions around your true identity and your Australian Financial Services License associations. This information is not publicly viewable. Rather this is simply for the verification process. Because of the nature of the community, we need to ensure that only financial services professionals are accessing this information.

Click here to join the forum now.

Why participate in the Australian Paraplanning Community?

The initial purpose of the Australian Paraplanning Community is simple.

You can:

  • Ask questions of your colleagues. This may seem simple but there are those times where your immediate co-workers don’t know the answers you are looking for and for some people in small companies, your day to day contacts are few.
  • Help your colleagues. It never hurts to help your peers if you know the answer.
  • Review other users past challenges. You never know how some of the information may help you.

Are you a contract Paraplanner and drowning in work? Ask and see if there is someone with some capacity that you can subcontract to.

We are also working on other projects to benefit our users.


I like it!

If you like the site and are gaining benefit from the Australian Paraplanning Community, rather than asking you to pay anything we simply ask that you to help get more people involved.  The more people that are involved, the more people are available to share ideas and knowledge with.

There are three cost free ways you can help us get more people involved.

  1. The obvious, pass on our web address and let them know what you think;
  2. Like us on Facebook; and
  3. If you have one, put a link to us on you own website.

Any help you can give us would be greatly appreciated.