Useful Contacts

Over time we have met with different businesses and/or used different services.  Below are some of these businesses that we believe our community members may find useful.


Contract Paraplanning Services provide an outsource paraplanning solution for businesses who are looking for an alternative to in house paraplanners.  Additionally, they provide XPlan (from data entry to site customisation) and administration solutions if you are looking for these services.

If you are looking for a Contract Paraplanner or are looking to become a Contract
Paraplanner, it may be worth you getting in touch with Lea at Contract Paraplanning Services.


Financial Interests looks to find cost effective solutions for small businesses.  Their primary offering at this stage is cost effective web hosting but they also have a list of other services they have reviewed or used themselves.  It’s worth having a look





Haison at Etica Finance is someone we have worked with for years.  Etica Finance provide finance solutions from Personal and Commercial lending through to SMSF property borrowing.  Haison has a strong experience with working with Financial Planners and Paraplanners and is actually a qualified accountant, mortgage broker and has done his Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning) so is a very useful resource for the more complex strategies involving lending.



Please note, we provide no guarantee as to the services you will recieve or the experience you will have with any of the listed businesses.  It is always up to you to do your own due diligence.